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There can be many reasons for reducing a tree. To get the balance of having trees in an urban environment pruning is often carried out to get this balance.

Reduction pruning can be carried out on trees or selected branches which are damaged or decayed to remove parts or reduce end weight and reduce the likelihood of failure if they weren’t pruned.

Often the ultimate size of the tree isn’t considered when it is planted and it can outgrow its location and arborists or tree surgeons are called upon to prune the tree to maintain or manage its size. Not every tree can be reduced in size for this reason, often the required size to get the result is too heavy and would not be a recommended option as it could at worst kill the tree or send in into decline. Heavy reductions often make the tree send out vigorous regrowth. We can advise and specify reductions taking this into account, we also look at what shape we will be able to get out of the tree so we can leave you with a tree that still looks nice.

Here are some photos of trees we have recently worked on. The customers liked their trees but knew that they needed some pruning to keep them to a suitable size and allow light into their homes. They got in touch with us and we arranged a convenient time to meet with them to assess the tree and advise on different options considering the species characteristics and the trees condition. They were given a written quote which they were happy with and the work was booked in on a suitable date but also making sure the work was done at the right time for the tree health too. Using tree climbing techniques our qualified and experienced arborists carried out this pruning working to British standards for tree work 3998 best practice guidelines. The aesthetics of the tree were maintained and with proper pruning cuts made. The waste material was put through our woodchipper into the van and removed (we have a valid waste carrier licence). This was recycled responsibly, and the gardens were left tidy.

Here are a couple more pictures of the work that has recently been featured in a Worcester News article. Crown reduction works were carried out on the big London Plane and Lime tree at Worcester Rowing Club.

We are pleased with the end result, a natural looking shape to the trees, but a good amount of the upper crown removed to reduce the forces at the base of the trunk.

It is tree surgery work like this that will enable us to to see these trees on the Worcester skyline for many more years.

IMG_0387        IMG_0389


Time for this back garden tree to be kept in shape!


All waste taken away and garden left nice and tidy

Dangerous Indian Bean trees at Worcester Rowing Club

Faithful Tree Care was asked by Worcester Rowing Club to remove a large tree that had blown down in the recent storms and another tree next to it which was still standing but was in a potentially dangerous condition. Permission was kindly granted by Worcester Racecourse to work from their ground.

The trees were Indian Bean trees (Catalpa bignonioides) estimated to be around 100 years old..

The first tree had blown down in the heavy winds back in February. Given how close it was to one of the racecourse buildings it was lucky it went towards the river, although a few boats which were stored in the area were damaged.

On looking at this fallen tree it was noticed that another tree next to it and of the same age and size was in a similar condition and leaning toward the building. It was inspected by Worcester based Arboricultural Consultant Paul Barton of Barton trees and the relevant conservation area application made and permissions were granted for removal.

Faithful Tree Care is always sad to fell such old trees and use modern practices and techniques to prune trees as an alternative to felling where possible. However this was not a suitable option this time.

Given the size and where the trees were it was decided that the best way to remove these trees was with the use of a crane. The trees were carefully cut into sections by the arborists and lifted over the racecourse building and processed.

All the timber will be turned into firewood.

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:  the cultivation of trees and shrubs especially for ornamental purposes — ar·bor·i·cul·tur·al adjective

arbori- + -culture (as in agriculture)
First Known Use: 1828


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Cultivation of trees, shrubs, and woody plants for shading and decorating. Arboriculture includes all aspects of growing, maintaining, and identifying plants, arranging plantings for their ornamental values, and removing trees. The well-being of individual plants is the major concern of arboriculture, in contrast to such related fields as forestry and agriculture, in which the major concern is the welfare of a large group of plants as a whole.