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Faithful Tree Care Services

Tree Planting
We are able to help you with your tree planting needs. From planting of one tree in a small garden, a row of trees in the street, establishing a new hedge or planting up a woodland. With assistance of species selection and attention given during planting for a healthy start, through to advice and maintenance for the future.
Tree Felling
Safe tree removal - As professional tree surgeons we can safely remove trees in a variety of situations. Different techniques are adopted depending on individual trees, this can take in factors such as location, what is around the tree or under it, access to the tree and ground conditions.
Tree Pruning
We are able to undertake a variety of different tree maintenance pruning, including crown reductions, crown thinning, crown lifing/raising, formative pruning of young trees, removal of deadwood, pollarding.
Hedge Work
Hedges require regular trimming in order to keep them looking neat and tidy. We are able to undertake all types of hedgework, be it regular trimming of formal hedges through to reducing out of control leylandii.
Woodland Management
All you need for successful ongoing woodland management. Large and small holdings maintained.