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Pleaching is the art of training trees to grow in a desired shape and goes back many hundreds of years. Pleaching typically sees hedges on stilts often on a framework with the branches tied together and sometimes naturally grafting. They require regular pruning to maintain their desired shape. The pictures here show a hornbean (Carpinus betulus) having some routine pruning by Faithful Tree Care. This species, and also beech, has the advantage that it will hold onto its coppery leaves until spring.



Arboriculture, chainsaws and a love of trees!

We explain about our views towards conservation, management and our love for trees! Blog coming soon!


:  the cultivation of trees and shrubs especially for ornamental purposes — ar·bor·i·cul·tur·al adjective

arbori- + -culture (as in agriculture)
First Known Use: 1828


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Cultivation of trees, shrubs, and woody plants for shading and decorating. Arboriculture includes all aspects of growing, maintaining, and identifying plants, arranging plantings for their ornamental values, and removing trees. The well-being of individual plants is the major concern of arboriculture, in contrast to such related fields as forestry and agriculture, in which the major concern is the welfare of a large group of plants as a whole.