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Indian Bean Trees

Dangerous Indian Bean trees at Worcester Rowing Club

Faithful Tree Care was asked by Worcester Rowing Club to remove a large tree that had blown down in the recent storms and another tree next to it which was still standing but was in a potentially dangerous condition. Permission was kindly granted by Worcester Racecourse to work from their ground.

The trees were Indian Bean trees (Catalpa bignonioides) estimated to be around 100 years old..

The first tree had blown down in the heavy winds back in February. Given how close it was to one of the racecourse buildings it was lucky it went towards the river, although a few boats which were stored in the area were damaged.

On looking at this fallen tree it was noticed that another tree next to it and of the same age and size was in a similar condition and leaning toward the building. It was inspected by Worcester based Arboricultural Consultant Paul Barton of Barton trees and the relevant conservation area application made and permissions were granted for removal.

Faithful Tree Care is always sad to fell such old trees and use modern practices and techniques to prune trees as an alternative to felling where possible. However this was not a suitable option this time.

Given the size and where the trees were it was decided that the best way to remove these trees was with the use of a crane. The trees were carefully cut into sections by the arborists and lifted over the racecourse building and processed.

All the timber will be turned into firewood.

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